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NGO: Vision for Children and Youth Forum (VICHYF-UGANDA)

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Empowering Rural Adolesent Girls Project

The proposed project aims is to empower adolescent girls in one Rural Sub-county in Northern Uganda. Particularly Lamogi Sub County in Amuru District where girls are very vulnerable. In Amuru district, many children still drop out from school with girls registering the highest number. The following have been outlined as the major factors causing high rates of drop out at all levels of primary education in the District; • Social and cultural factors which influence many parents to prefer sending boys rather than girls to school. • The traditional division of labour in the homes which causes more social demands on girls than in boys. • Early involvement of girls in marriages as well as their vulnerability to sexual harassment and pregnancy, leading to their ejection from school. • Inadequacy and deficiency of facilities for girls in the schools such as sanitary pads and changing rooms. • Poverty is often an important factors that prevents parents from sending girls to school or maintaining them in school. • Natural physiological and psychosocial changes that occur in girls deter them from competing effectively with boys in academic performance. • Child headed families; with the war that affected northern Uganda for over twenty years has left many children without their parents and in most cases it is the girl child who takes the responsibility of keeping the siblings. Based on the above factors, the project proposes to conduct activities targeting the environment where adolescent girls are growing, promote access to economic and livelihood resources by adolescent girls, conduct mentorship to school going and out of school adolescent girls, and life skills training for adolescent girls. Once this approach proves successful, we shall propose a scaling up of this to the other sub counties in the District.


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