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Train 3000 Girls in Making Sanitary Pads

Former US president BARACK OBAMA once said: “When women succeed, nations are more safe, secure and prosperous.” The onus is on the countries therefore, to end school dropouts. Educating a girl is one of the best investments her family, community, and country can make. A good quality education can be life-changing for girls and young women, helping them develop to their full potential and putting them on a path for success in their life. The only way to achieve the goal of activism of girls and young women at large is by providing them with materials such as sanitary pads, giving them health talks which is also an issue which develop when girls start menstruation and growing breast, and medication during menstruation so that they are able to attend school daily. Our Direct target 3,000 rural school going girls, whom we will train in making re-usable sanitary pads, and each of the initial girls trained is expected to at least train 10 girls each of their choice (Totaling to 30,000 girls direct beneficiaries), this will continue trickling down… so that they can stay full time in school and study for a brighter future. This will be a three days event at every training point, were we will procure training materials and move school-to-school training girls and also carrying out career guidance for the betterment of their future. This project requires $5,500

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Train 3000 Girls in Making Sanitary Pads

All children need to access quality education, but in Uganda, girls of school-going age are more vulnerable. A number of girls do not go to school during their menstruation period because they lack sanitary towels, and also boys laugh at them when their skirts is “wet” because of menstrual blood, this limits their performances in classes, and their attendance in school which in most cases leads to school dropout. We want to train and empower 3,000 girls with skills and knowledge in making re-usable sanitary pads using local cheap available materials, there will be also health talks to help them live healthy life. This will give them confidence to stay in school during menstruation period and succeed in their education. This training will cost $5,500


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