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Improving menstrual hygiene of Adolescent girls in schools

This project aims a build a community of 1000 adolescent girls in 5 schools in Amuru District who will be role models to other adolescent girls in personal menstrual hygiene maintenance . They will be agent of change to other adolescent reaching to as many other adolescent with educative messages on menstrual hygiene and training others how to make the reusable and affordable sanitary packs. The project will also provide adolescent girls age 13-17 with the skills needed to live a healthy live and also reach out to adolescent with the same messages to live in a healthier community predominantly through advocacy and self help. We want to ensure that 80% of the adolescent girls age 13-17 in schools from Amuru District can afford and able to make affordable reusable sanitary packs by December 2019. The project will also contribute to reducing cases of school dropouts by adolescent girls due to challenges of menstrual periods. We expect to reduce the drop out cases by 80% by the December, 2019 through advocacy and continuous schools sensitization. Each school will have a maximum of 200 girls to be reached through sensitization, training , and provision of reusable sanitary packs. A total of 20 training will be conducted for the 5 schools, and each training will have 50 adolescent girls and 5 sensitization will be conducted. Each girls participation will cost less than $20 for the entire project period and our plan is to reach to 1000 girls directly and 3000 indirectly. Each girl will be expected to reach to other girls on average.

NGO: Hope Alert Network for Development and Local Empowerment (HANDLE) - Uganda

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Improving menstrual hygiene of Adolescent girls in schools

Adolescent girls remain mostly affected by the prolonged poverty in northern Uganda. This has exacerbated certain inequitable behavioral practices in the traditionally patriarchal society. Adolescent girls face enormous challenges accessing public services including sexual, reproductive, and maternal health care. There is a general lack of knowledge and understanding relating to the availability of these services, compounded by a breakdown in the social fabric and the distortion of social norms that would otherwise regulate personal hygiene amongst the adolescent girls in schools. HANDLE Uganda targets 1,000 adolescent girls from 5 primary schools in Amuru District, Northern Uganda, to be sensitized on the danger of poor menstrual hygiene, purchase 1000 reusable sanitary pads and train them how to make them. 1000 adolescent girls shall benefits DIRECTLY from this project. The INDIRECT beneficiaries shall be female teachers, parents and community who will enjoy living with hygienic adolescents’ girls. The project will also reduce on the school dropouts amongst adolescent girls caused by stigma due to poor menstrual hygiene. HANDLE has sensitized and trained over 600 adolescent girls in three schools in Amuru District, and reports from those schools shows improved menstrual hygiene and drop out cases reduced by 60 percent in 2018. Objectives • To sensitize 1,000 adolescent girls on the dangers of poor hygiene during menstruation period. • To purchase and provide 1,000 adolescent girls with reusable sanitary pads. • Reduce on the high number of school dropouts amongst adolescent girls due to menstrual related challenges. • To sensitize and train 1,000 adolescent girls on how to make and use reusable sanitary pads during menstruation period. Outputs • Positive attitude towards the use of sanitary pads by the adolescent girls. • Menstrual hygiene of adolescents girls improved • Number of school dropouts among st adolescent girls in schools is reduced • Adolescent girls are aware of the importance of their personal hygiene during menstrual period.


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