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Championing Girl Child Education project will be directly implemented by Rural Women And Youth In Development Uganda (RWAYID-UGA), A Community Based Organization which is Located in Lira District, in Northern Uganda) The project will target children from poor family background and are from the districts of Lira, Otuke, Apac and Kole districts who have the potential to perform but are challenged due to lack of incomes to support their education. The primary target will be girl children between the age of 5- 14 for primary, and 15-25 for college and university. Other vulnerable children who are boys will also be targeted as a way of Gender mainstreaming and enhancement of equal participation of both girls and boys in Education. Education in Lango Region is so much affected, due to the fact that the region is yet in a post war recovery period, with poverty levels being highest in the country of over 64% as compared to other regions in Uganda. Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, infant mortality rate and other health related infections continue to affect the steady growth and development of the place. Education, which should liberate the local community from poverty has become very expensive for the poor to afford, and this is left only for the middle class and the rich , leaving a huge gap in human development capacity. Championing Girl Child Education project is intended to bridge Education gap between the rich and the poor, and offer opportunity for the girls as well as the poor and vulnerable children to acquire full education which is a fundamental right to any growing child(ren). The project will purely support education through sponsorship programs for 50 (40 girls, 10 boys), children for two years. Both children (target beneficiaries, parents, will directly be involved in the project through consultations and feedback sessions. Project supporters will be kept informed from time to time over the progress, as well consult where major changes have to be taken to ensure project success. The project will be implemented by a team of qualified staff of RWAYID-UGA, with strict adherence to policies and procedures, ensuring transparency and accountability both to the donors and beneficiaries. Monitoring and evaluation of the project will be done, in the middle of the implementation and at the end of the project and report shared with the supporters of the project. The project will run for 2 years ( 2018-2021) after which a review will me made for a future design, and report shared with the donors and other stakeholders. Donate to our project, Educate a girl and any amount or dollar you give will be put to the right purpose intended for the project. What you will give to this project, will determine the success stories the children will tell in future, and this will move on and on. We look forward to your generous support and donation.


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